Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SISTERS ANTIQUES at Pacific Galleries

I just returned from re-stocking our huge mall space for the second time in three days! Isn’t it funny how the bed of my pickup truck is totally full as is the entire back seat and most of the front seat… and once I put everything in its place, the space seems to absorb everything! How does that happen? Now I need another load!

Here are a few photos:

This is on the right side of our corner, looking up to the “second floor”. This is the biggest space in the mall. I hired one of the very talented dealers to build a four-foot deep ledge on the back walls with a staircase coming down the side.

Talk about a lot of white walls to cover! This was quite the challenge, but I bought a couple of huge drama school backdrops from an auction and hung them on one wall. They aren’t for sale just yet… what else can I put there?

Hmmm… didn’t look so cluttered when I was looking at it but the photo tells another story!

The other second story wall… still need more to cover all that white!

Coolest-ever vintage hair dryer with its original beautician’s chair.

These iron gates are sooo heavy! They say “Pine Acres” and were attached to an enormous rock wall surrounding a house on Pine Lake (Sammamish) from the 1930s.

Love the old iron chair with burlap seat and back (there are three!). Note the 50s RC Cola thermometer on the post behind!

This is absolutely the coolest antique mall! It’s in Seattle, near the stadiums where the Mariners and the Seahawks play. It’s always full and there’s a waiting list for new dealers. There’s a little (or a lot) of everything here and it takes forever to wander around and see it all. Definitely worth the visit!


liz said...

love this space . . . I had no idea that it was yours :) Love it!!

Erica said...

Love it!

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atelier de campagne said...

Hello Patty, It's been great chatting with you on Facebook and getting all your wisdom.