Friday, March 11, 2011

One of my FAVORITE things to do?

Attending Palmer Wirf’s Antique & Collectible Show in Portland with an empty pickup truck!

The first show of 2011 was last weekend (March 5th and 6th). I had high hopes of spending a good share of my time taking photos of all the wonderful booths… but I got caught up in shopping instead!

Unfortunately, we didn’t take my pickup truck! But we managed to totally fill every available cubic inch inside an Explorer as well as strapping a huge wooden locker to the top. And even though I insisted I’d be more than happy to hold things on my lap and rest my feet on boxes full of treasures… I kept hearing this faint voice saying, “No more! You don’t need any more!” Harrumph… That’s YOUR opinion, not mine! Oh well, the drive home was 3½ hours so maybe a little comfort was in order.

Two of my favorite vendors include Debi Burton (Ormolulu)...

Incredible clock!

I want it all!

John getting a big hug from Debi after he ran and got the caffeine-deprived girl a cup of coffee.

Make sure you check Ormolulu at Pacific Galleries in Seattle, 2nd Saturdayz, Retreat...  She's incredible!

and Randy (Madison Park Antiques)...

Seriously, I have the perfect spot for that gate!

Randy's space at Monticello.  He also has a shop in Sellwood.

Very camera shy, I told Randy I'd take a photo of him in front of someone else's booth if he didn't cooperate!

It's going to be a very l-o-n-g wait until the July show!